Ahnentafel Mystic Mind Baylee

Ch. Dinner Jacket Enjoy the Day

Ch. Dinner Jacket Popeye

Bobby of Honey's Bulls

Ubu Roi des Chuatre Jeudis

Ultra Chic des Chuatre Jeudis

Bakara des Chandagueres

Sex Appeal Junior des Hauts Coureurs

U'Love des Chuandagueres

Dinner Jacket Atalanta by Deal or not Deal

Ch. Circle J's Deal or no Deal

Flashpoint's Cosmic Ray

Circle J's Princess of Kaye

Betty Boop des Gardiens du Bois Clerbault

Rhanee Dhao's Andora

Tootsie des Gardiens du Bois Clerbault

Mystic Mind Aiyana

Ch. Kennedy's Wild Rock N'Roll with Hessenvilla

Ch. Pic-A-Dillie Kennedy of Bramley

Ch. Sunwoods Date with Destiny

Ch. Pic-A-Dillie Cosmic Sweetheart

Wild's Kiss this at Kennedy

Ch. Kennedy's Pucker up for Donmar

Kennedy n Wild's got me in stitches

Bella-Bonita von Jasbell-Carda

Ch. Cabanterra Woodstoock

Ch.Oleandica's Impresario

Felina Beauty Gremlins

Sandy Oranjelust vom Hengstbachtal

Ch.Josie Oranjelust vom Hengsbachtal

Olivia Oranjelust vom Hengstbachtal